Casino Empire

New York is not considered a significant gambling destination, at least not yet. Indeed, the state’s first few major casino resorts are now under construction, and even then, they will be situated upstate, far from New York City.

However, this does not imply the metro region has been devoid of gaming possibilities in recent years. Empire City Casino at Yonkers Raceway is one of the biggest, situated just north of New York City. As a genuine racino, the complex has hundreds of slot machines and other electronic games, which have expanded over time to include virtual versions of several table games.

However, Empire City is no longer only a land-based trademark. Today, you can experience the same kind of resort fun from the convenience of your own home, and all without paying a dime. That is due to their social casino platform, which has a large assortment of casino classics and skill-based games. Additionally, if you play at the Yonkers location (or intend to visit), you may have the opportunity to collect player prizes that may be redeemed at the brick-and-mortar resort.

A Vast Slots Collection, and Much More

One of Empire City’s most evident features is its extensive game variety, particularly when compared to other social casino sites. One aspect of it is the variety of game genres, but even before we get to that, we can say that the slots selection is worthy of appreciation.

That is because this site utilizes a large number of the industry’s best developers to deliver games that users often pay to play on other sites. This includes NetEnt and Konami, both of which are generally considered as the industry’s greatest slot game creation companies, as well as Incredible Technologies and Spin Games, both of which are lesser-known but nonetheless highly rated by industry insiders and gamers.

This means that you’ll have access to about 90 unique slot machines, many of which you may have seen at real money casinos or at real life resorts. However, not all of these titles are immediately accessible to gamers. When you initially create an account, you’ll get 5,000 credits, which you may spend to play around half of the games available. The remaining half are labeled as VIP titles, and you will not be able to access them until you have deposited at least $20,000 (in virtual currency) into your account.

This method offers a number of advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, it creates a realistically attainable objective that immediately grants you the ability to play anything you want. However, it lacks the goal-based gaming that has propelled the popularity of so many other social casinos, in which you gradually but steadily unlock more and more play possibilities for yourself. Whether or whether this VIP system is superior or inferior is mostly a matter of personal preference.

Purchases and Promotions

As is the case with the majority of social networks, Empire City makes it rather simple to continue accumulating at least a modest amount of credits on a daily basis. For example, you’ll get coins each time you check in on a consecutive day, with incentives reaching hundreds of virtual dollars after a few weeks of everyday play. Additionally, you’ll earn additional credits as you acquire experience on the site, progressing through planned levels with increasing incentives. Additionally, leaderboard challenges and other sporadic promotions provide extra opportunities to enhance your balance.

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